What We Do?

  • Domestic Packing and Moving
  • International Packing & Moving
  • Worldwide Door to Door delivery
  • Commercial Relocation
  • Corporate Relocation
  • Procurement
  • Residential Relocation
  • Sea & Air Freight
  • Customs Clearance
  • Short & Long Term Storage Facility
  • Storage & Distribution
  • Import & Export

Packing and Moving

a. Pre-move Assessment:

We will travel to wherever you are, in order to size up the transportable cargo. Once you have chosen ATA Cargo, our team of specially curated professionals will then measure and catalog your luggage.

There will be an informed and specific list for the kind of packaging each one will need. In addition, we always keep the mode of transportation in mind. If they are traveling by road, then there will be special packaging to avoid harm to fragile objects.

We have a variety of transportation devices, including a special army of trucks, to find one best suited for your needs. The weight of each item is crucial for any journey by air, or sea, specially.

We will make the necessary arrangements required to transport all kinds of luggage. With the dedicated team at ATA Cargo, you will never have to worry about anything else.

b. Packing:

An expert team works all round the clock to ensure the utmost safety to your items. We source all required packaging materials through our widespread network. Irrespective of how big, small, or fragile an item may be, we will labor to find a way to transport it.

We have flatbed trucks, trolleys, trailers, etc. on the go. Our team ensures packaging which is suitable to all airlines and shipping companies that we deal with.

We always keep the destination in mind, and the weather conditions, so that your cargo is not inconvenienced in any possible way. Whether you are moving to Saudi Arabia, or moving to Bahrain, your luggage will always get the royal treatment it deserves.

c. Moving In:

Our team will accompany you wherever you choose to settle. ATA Cargo ensures complete satisfaction during the entire shifting process. Your luggage will be taken from wherever you choose, to whichever location you desire.

In addition, our team will expertly handle the items and place them everywhere you want. Not only do we supervise the safety and transportation of your items, but we also help you set them up. Any furniture that needs assembling, will be done by the team.

These expert professionals will also place the cargo wherever you want it to be. The house now awaits any personal touches you might want to bestow on it. At ATA Cargo, we believe in helping you turn your new house or office into some place personal.

d. Air Cargo:

Luggage being lost in the mail, is sign of an incompetent company. With ATA Cargo, you will face no inconvenience whatsoever. Our team packages all forms of content with the utmost care. Among Dubai cargo companies, we take pride in our logistics team. There is real-time feedback for your traveling cargo.

You will always be in the loop of the items being processed, so that you never have to worry about their status. Our co-operation with the leading airlines, ensures that your luggage is transported in the best condition possible, while swiftly, and also definitely within the priory agreed time-frame.

All hazardous material will be carefully handled, and transported without any harm. In addition, our insurance policies will always have you covered. At ATA Cargo, we treat your luggage like family.

e. Sea Cargo:

Our contracts are hassle-proof all across the globe. While shipping full container load (FCL) or less than full container loads (LCL) to or from Dubai UAE, it is imperative that you do not fall into the trap of semi-fulfilled contracts or blatant mismanagement. Among other cargo companies in Dubai, ATA Cargo has bulletproof contracts with their shipping lines.

We ensure a smooth and gratifying trade experience. We, an as established sea freight forwarder, for the most affordable and appropriate prices for the optimum safety of your luggage. With ATA Cargo, you can make smarter decisions of transport, leading you to the least level of stress.

f. ATA sea freight:

Dubai and beyond: ATA Cargo has an extremely personalized and 24/7 responsive service for sea freight. Your experience is of high value to us. Each client gets a personalized package for their luggage. We take optimum care of fragile or hazardous material, so as to cause the client no inconvenience regarding legalities.

We have a wide range of carrier options for you to choose from. There will be a team of experts who will correctly gauge the options best for your items, and present them to you. The ultimate decision will always be yours.

We believe in transparency, and refuse to operate without the client’s insight. We also take into account several cargo insurance options, to bring you peace of mind. ATA Cargo’s networks spread across the world so that your wings never have to touch the ground.