ATA Cargo & Logistics was established in Dubai, UAE, in 2012 to be the largest logistics provider in the Middle East. We strive to maintain quality throughout our organization and with our trained staff. We will meet or exceed the expected standards of performance placed on us by our clients.

Our vision

We endeavor to maximize value for our customers by offering efficient and cost effective solutions for moving, process support and transaction accomplishment.

Our Mission

We endeavor to maximize value for our customers by offering efficient and cost effective solutions for moving, process support and transaction accomplishment.

Our Values

We firmly believe that values keep organizations stable and focused to the common goal. Integrity, personal ownership, teamwork and excellence are our values.

Services We Provide

a. Domestic Packing and Moving:

Moving across states? You should not have to leave your memories behind. With ATA Cargo, you can transport your life across state lines, seamlessly. You only have to pick the destination, and ATA Cargo will deliver your entire life to your new residence.

We encourage your wandering spirit. Travel wherever your heart takes you. We take full responsibility for bringing your home wherever you go. Simply point out the materials you wish to keep, and have an entire team ready to wrap and carry it for you.

Once you have trusted in us, we will deliver beyond your expectations. We do not disappoint.

b. International Packing & Moving:

The world is your stage. We encourage overseas travel, and have an entourage ready to take care of the legalities. Decorate your passport any way you wish. ATA Cargo has ironclad contracts with various sustainable airlines.

Whether you travel for half a year, or your whole life, ATA Cargo is capable of carrying your belongings everywhere. For us, borders are fluid, and your memories are of utmost importance to us. It doesn’t matter where you go. We have an expert team to carefully handle overseas cargo- packing and transporting it with the utmost care.
We treat the luggage like our children- carefully, and with personal interest. Once you have picked your destination, the paperwork is up to us. You simply have to take your own selves there, and your cargo will follow suit. With ATA Cargo, nothing gets left behind.

c. Worldwide Door to Door delivery:

Gone are the days when you would have to spend three score years outside the post office. No longer will you be required to roam the vacant lots of airports, waiting inconsolably for your precious luggage.

It is our responsibility to deliver your cargo to your residence. We have reliable transportation networks spread out across the world. Be it through ships, airplanes, or simply the roadway, we ensure complete safety of your personal items. To top it off, you will never have to wait for us.

ATA Cargo has a reputation of completing their contracts on time. We have expert handlers on board who will pack the items with immense care, making them suitable to be carried across borders. We will also unload the cargo and deliver it to your doorstep without so much as a scratch. At ATA Cargo, we treat your belongings like human beings.

d. Commercial Relocation:

Want to find a company who transports small-scale goods? Need a cabinet transported across the lines? Want to have only a small part of your office space shipping to UK? We take care of small-scale shifts with an equal amount of care. At ATA Cargo, we do not differentiate between an entire office and a flower vase.

Your belongings, irrespective of their size or business, are equally important to us. We will bring you the same facilities for your small-scale relocation, namely: packing with care, measuring, time-efficiency, and the utmost care.

e. Corporate Relocation:

Finding a new office location is a tough job in itself. We do not want you to worry beyond the choice of destination. At ATA Cargo, we have the teams, equipment and transportation facilities required to shift large quantities of material. If your office is growing, it is the best of news. We do not want the hassle of shifting to cloud this brilliant achievement.

Our team here will handle all the technicalities. ATA Cargo ensures pristine condition of items being transferred. To top it off, we are never ever late! In fact, our crew will work incessantly to help set up the office in any way you like. You merely have to state your preference, and we will get the job done for you. One hardly gets to relax at the office, but at least you can take a vacation while we shift your office for you.

f. Procurement:

Nobody wants their house or office to look just like every one else’s. The modern era of technology and innovation, ATA Cargo caters to your creative need and satisfaction. Be it a decorative item or a functional aspect of the space, there is nothing we cannot find for you. We have a team working with a widespread network that can not only trace an item of your liking, but also procure it for you.

In fact, ATA Cargo will also take complete responsibility for its shipping, and placement in your chosen space. So, you simply have to state your demand, and we
will find you the treasure. Be it a tentacle lamp, or a portrait of Bathsheba- no demand is too bizarre or impossible for us.

g. Residential Relocation:

Buying a new house? Congratulations! You no longer have to walk into a bungalow full of dusty boxes. ATA Cargo will assign you a personalized group of professional movers who will take complete care of the shift. You merely have to point out the substances you want to carry forward, and we will be there to pack and process.

Once the entire packing and shifting has been achieved, you still need not worry about furniture placement. From the inventory of old items, chalk out a picture of where you want them to be placed, and our team will do the job. Not one of your belongings will ever be harmed. In case the shifting requires a piece of furniture to be disassembled, we will build it up for you. The house will then turn into your comforting home.

h. Furniture Installation and Moving:

ATA Cargo offers the ultimate hassle-free guide to moving furniture. Irrespective of the size of the cargo, we have enough equipment handy to pack and board your precious luggage. They will be moved with care in our wide range of transportation facilities available including flatbed trucks. The furniture will then be assembled, and fixed in your chosen locations.

Our team at ATA Cargo will help you redecorate your new location, without any exercise on your end. We believe in smooth transactions, time-efficiency, and no slacking at all. Once you have given us your trust, you will find it valued.

i. Moving Locally or Interstate:

ATA Cargo delivers all across the globe. We can transport materials by shipping from Abu Dhabi to USA, shift cargo from Dubai to Australia, as well as transfer your materials next door. In fact, you can even move interstate. Our relocation services are fluid across borders, and are beyond legal obstacles.

We have a professional team that preps packages perfectly for their particular form of travel: road, sea, air, rail, etc., so that they are best protected in their particular mode of transport. With us, your baggage will feel immensely lighter. j. Sea & Air Freight:
ATA Cargo gives prominent importance to logistical planning. International or domestic freight forwarding is our strength. We allow the transport of hazardous materials, under proper packaging and care.

High-value goods are constantly surveyed and upgraded to the utmost safekeeping. In the case of most cargo-related traveling schemes, the clients are awarded the best of time-efficiency and insight into the moving luggage. Among relocation companies in Dubai, ATA Cargo has intercepted all the major shortcomings of usual cargo dealing. We bring you a highly efficient and supremely personalized solution for your valued belongings.

k. Customs Clearance:

ATA Cargo has a special team dedicated to this sensitive sphere of trade. We know the hassles of Customs Clearance, and keep our clients far removed from any problems that could possibly crop up. Our agents in Dubai work 24/7, remaining active around the clock. Each package that arrives via Air, or Sea, is greeted by our Customs brokers immediately.

These packages are intercepted and received on time, and delivered strictly within the deadline. Our team is heavily staffed in this department since it is the most sensitive aspect of a business. We bring you this service at an extremely nominal price, since we have a reputation of convenience.

We will be constantly issuing data to keep you in the loop of the transit. With our professionally curated team, your packages will have a smooth sailing all across the world.

l. Short & Long Term Storage Facility:

ATA Cargo has a wide plethora of storage units for you to choose from. Your luggage can all have separate compartments, or be clubbed together in a big spacious unit. We have units or varying measurements, which we can readily suit to your need.

Ranging from a day to several weeks, our storage is equipped to care for cargo over an extended period of time. On the off chance that your day of shifting might change, your luggage will not be inconvenienced.

Among moving companies in Dubai, we have the best equipment including CCTV cameras, and temperate variation models, to keep your belongings crisp and perfect.

m. Storage & Distribution:

We have a state of the art storage unit to best serve your belongings. During the process of relocation, storage becomes a huge concern. At ATA Cargo, we have intercepted this shortcoming, and devised a kind of storage unit that your luggage truly deserves. There are units of varying sizes to ensure that your luggage has all the space it requires.

We treat the items like human beings, and would never want to stuff them into cramped spaces. Our storage in Dubai is highly in keeping with modern technology. CCTV cameras installed all across the space will project a 24-hour surveillance on your compartments.

We also have different temperature settings available for luggages that require the extra care. At ATA Cargo, we go above and beyond to make the relocation feel like a vacation for the luggage.

n. Import & Export:

Our team is efficiently equipped to handle your import/export needs. We harness an excellent consultation team that can accurately enlist the value of a certain item. In addition to that, we will even project the estimate of sales in your chosen location.

Not only is your item responsibly transported to the country or city of choice, ATA Cargo also helps you in terms of chalking out the business. We have excellent networks all across the world, in the major continents. The markets in Asia, Africa, UAE, Europe, and USA are within our stronghold.

In fact, intermediary trade points such and availability of relocation to Canada, the Indian subcontinent, China, Singapore, cargo companies in Abu Dhabi etc. also facilitate our enterprise and help us serve you better.

Our services extend to items of food, lodging, automobile parts, chemicals, paints, injection molded plastic parts, leather apparel, textile, footwear, accessories, et all. ATA Cargo’s domain extends to the significant majority of anything you could possibly need. We make moving to UK, moving to USA, or moving to Canada,feel the very same.

You will not have to partake in the legwork. We understand you need for a super-speed transaction. In the domain of global trade, one has to keep their head perpetually above water if one does not wish to sink. With our on-time delivery and accurate predictions, we produce the best  personalized solutions for our clients.

We take full responsibility for the transportation of raw materials, ensuring their safekeeping, and the proper handling of precious equipment.